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Our private knowledge management software helps your technical teams save time and be more productive.

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Get instant access to expert knowledge

Find information fast. Every post is indexed and easy to search
Up-to-date knowledge. Add important details over time as things evolve
Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Access answers within the tools you already use
Bring all content types together in one place

The better way to do documentation

Easy-to-use editor for long-form documents
Retain key company knowledge in an editable format to promote organic updates
Tie questions to a knowledge Article
Flag an Article if inaccurate or out-of-date
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Seamless integration with your existing workstreams

Maximize productivity with our API and out-of-the-box integrations

Stay up-to-date with instant, customized notifications within your chat tool of choice
Never leave chat tools to search for internal knowledge
Access additional third-party integrations with our API offered through Stack Overflow Enterprise
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Level up the fun with points and awards

Use gamification to encourage participation and knowledge sharing

Create custom awards to recognize your team for specific actions
Points accumulate over time as the team member adds more content, helping them earn more awards
Score and awards are displayed for everyone on the team member’s profile and activity pages

Expert support to build thriving communities

Custom strategy and planning to create engaging team experiences
Analytics-driven optimizations and focus
Drive strong knowledge sharing culture with repeatable playbooks

Not just another system with yet another login

Ensure secure access by using existing SAML or Google credentials
Administration of adding and removing new Teams users is made easy
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Measure impact and success

Metrics and success indications are derived from one of the largest communities in the world – Stack Overflow
Keep a pulse on how your Team is doing against goals
Identify top contributors and subject matter experts